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To change waste materials into new products is like magic. Our role is to stop the waste of potentially useful materials, to reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, the energy usage and the air / water pollution. Taking care of the environment is not for us only, but for our kids too.

Kids Items

Children are more vulnerable to the effects of toxic chemicals than adults because of their developing bodies.With increasing awareness about the toxicity of products, we are on a mission to find safer environment by start using "non-toxic" products more than before.


The nature is our source of inspiration; the engagement of the human spirit is expressed throughout our products. You can find a wide variety of types of work where useful and decorative objects are made completely by hand, using eco-friendly & natural materials. Be Unique and Save Money.


We are an integral part of ECO-FRIENDLY GROUP - the home of Environmentally Safe Cleaning and Recycling Products & Systems.
Whatever your requirements are, GREEN THE FUTURE is able to provide a solution to your needs with powerful products and systems that outperform traditional cleaning chemicals using safe, non-toxic and biodegradable formulations that are in harmony with nature - not against it!
GREEN THE FUTURE was founded because of the need for environmental restoration, stewardship, and protection of neglected public lands,for a clean erenvironment and sustainable development. View More


ECO-FRIENDLY resists the pollution by providing non-chemical products, disposing of garbage properly& cleaning the shores from the throwing dirt. ECO-FRIENDLY gives you better protection for a better environment...